What Our Congregants Say

What Lake Oswego's Congregants SayAn intergenerational survey of our congregation asked members to list what they value about our church. Responses clustered in four general areas:

  • LOUCC’s genuine extension of unconditional love, welcome, acceptance, and a sense of being valued to all persons. Many specifically mentioned our openness to diversity (e.g., identifying as Open and Affirming, use of inclusive language in worship, ADA building accessibility, acceptance of multiple understandings of God, respect for cultural, religious, and racial diversity, recognition of varied theological and political perspectives).

  • LOUCC’s opportunities to follow Christ’s example in service and involvement in social justice efforts (e.g., transitional shelter ministry, work to alleviate hunger, attempts to facilitate interfaith understanding, refugee resettlement efforts).

  • LOUCC’s feeling “like a family” with ever open arms that prays for and actively supports one other in times of need and celebration. Respondents noted the ability at LOUCC to establish warm, lasting friendships and connection across generations.

  • LOUCC’s powerful model of compassion, caring, and peace for children and youth, who are increasingly surrounded by a culture that seems to devalue those ideals. One respondent was grateful for a congregation that models a Christian faith that “opens us, rather than closes us off, from others in our world!”