Lake Oswego Transitional Shelter Ministry

Lake Oswego Transition ShelterThrough the Lake Oswego Transitional Shelter Ministry (LOTSM), we provide shelter, friendship, and support to families transitioning from homelessness toward self-sufficiency. In September of 1988, in partnership with seven Lake Oswego churches, Clackamas County Social Services, and the Annie Ross House, we opened a shelter apartment inside our church building that offered guest families a rent-free, safe place to live while they saved enough money to get back on their feet. In 2001, LOTSM received non-profit status, a HUD grant, and matching funds to build an apartment that offered families more privacy. Clackamas County’s first transitional shelter apartment, built adjacent to LOUCC, was dedicated in 2001. LOTSM’s second apartment, at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church, opened in 2005.

Each of the apartments accommodates a single family for a period of three to 12 months. Volunteers help guest families access medical care, transportation, parenting skills, budgeting information, food, counseling services, job opportunities, and the furnishings needed to move into housing of their own. For more information, please visit their website.