Bioswale project at Lake Oswego UCCIn addition to practices within our building, our commitment to the environment is also evident on our property. During the winter rains, runoff from our roof and parking area used to flow directly into storm drains that dumped into Nettle Creek and then flowed into Tryon Creek. To mitigate this problem, we constructed a bioswale and rain garden to capture this water and slowly absorb it. Any overflow during heavy rain is now filtered first before it reaches the storm drain.

In 2011, we received a $12,000 grant from Metro’s Nature in Neighborhoods program to add a second rain garden in our parking lot. In conjunction with Clackamas County Soil and Water Conversation District, the Tryon Creek Watershed Council, OTAK, Dana Thompson Tank and Soil, and Beit Haverim, we are in the process of constructing this rain garden, which should be completed in fall 2012.

The new rain garden was the topic of an article in the Lake Oswego Review on November 17, 2011.  Click here to read the article.