Generosity at LOUCC

Every day we have the joy and responsibility of choosing how we will use our resources to strengthen the communities in which we live and in the world beyond us. At LOUCC, we give not because we must, but because we may, and we have many opportunities to give of our time, talent and treasure. At LOUCC we continue to pursue the practice of living a life of abundance that doesn’t depend on the extent of our possessions.

We hope that these resources will help with your quest in finding the rewards that are innate in being generous. If you have questions or suggestions regarding generosity at LOUCC, please contact the chair of the generosity team here.

Financial Gifts

We have the opportunity to donate cash and checks during each offering during our Sunday worship service. Many also use automated withdrawals from banks and other financial institutions to make regular donations. Please click here to get the form for automated withdrawals from a bank or other financial institution. Completed forms need to be submitted to the LOUCC office. They should not be sent by email since they contain important personal information. 

Donations can be made using Pay Pal. Please click here for Pay Pal instructions. If you wish to make a donation now, please click here.

Gifts of securities (stocks and bonds) are also welcome. Transfers from the financial institution that holds the securities can be made electronically to LOUCC.  Please click here to contact the LOUCC treasurer in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Legacy Gifts

We have the opportunity to give from our estates through our wills and trusts. Such gifts can take many forms. We recommend working with a planned giving professional to set up a bequest and as well as realizing opportunities for tax advantages.

Bequests can be unrestricted or directed. An unrestricted gift allows LOUCC the flexibility to meet its needs in the future. Directed gifts must be approved before they are accepted.

If you establish a bequest to LOUCC, please notify the Generosity Team here. This will enhance the planning at LOUCC and, in the case of directed gifts, help ensure that the gift is one that can be accepted. 

Gifts of Time and Talent

As part of our shared life together at LOUCC we have many opportunities to be involved in the church’s ministries and missions. We periodically submit a survey that tells our interests, our skills/expertise, and our interests in working for the common good of our church.  A copy of the most recent time and talent survey questionnaire can be viewed here. You can find out more about the opportunities for being involved by clicking here to contact our moderator-elect. 

Money Management Resources

Decisions regarding how much we give is inextricably linked to questions regarding how much we can afford, the relationship between money, life, and faith, what we teach our children, and means of solving our financial emergencies.  LOUCC has several resources that are available to the congregation for addressing these decisions.  The table below shows books that are in the LOUCC library and subjects that are treated in each book.



Budgeting, Saving and Getting Out of Debt

Relationship of Money, Life, and Faith

Approach to Living: Life of Scarcity vs. Life of Abundance

Children and Money

“Your Money Or Your Life,”  Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez





“The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life,” Lynne Twist





How to Have More than Enough: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Abundance, Dave Ramsey





There are seminars and training programs for those that want to learn the basics of money management.  There are also resources to help those that find themselves facing financial emergency.  Please click here to contact our sabbatical pastor to explore what might be appropriate and available.